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Improving communication with your kids

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  1. MammaDawg

    Hmnnn… some really good points to consider…. My boys are still young, and are CONSTANTLY talking to me – lol. But instead of silently wishing for some quiet, I think I’ll count my blessings instead. I know the day will come when I will be wishing they talked to me more… :)

  2. Fred Dupont

    Great advice, useful with kids and in any relationship, personal or business.
    - As Is it, you feel something is out of place, you are probably right; then ask what it is, right now – key word: ASK.
    - Be present; I am not sure about dropping things at any time, although there may be some cases to do that; but at least, reserve areas of privileged time for your kids, and be present. That is drop your preoccupations, worries, business and just be present with them.
    - Encourage and find something nice to say… there will always be someone to tell them what is wrong.

    I would add one thing: make darn sure that your kids know that no matter what, they will always be welcome, home will always be a safe harbor, there will always be food and shelter and love and no questions asked if need be for them.

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  5. Robyn

    wow your article is very true.

    I made the mistake of saying to my daughter I was too tired to speak with her one night and I regretted saying that, as she was schooling away from home.

    so the next day I rang her early to apologise, it only happened the once, I never allowed it to happen again. I have 5 children and they ring me at all times, I love the close connection and out conversations are priceless.

    very good article topic well done

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