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The parent-child relationship

October 8th, 2008

“We have two chances at a parent-child relationship.”

This is one of the most significant lessons I learned from Dr. Laura.

I don’t always agree with Dr. Laura, but she got me between the eyes with this one.

As new immigrants to the United States, my parents had to work a lot. They never attended any of my school functions. They didn’t go to Open Houses, Back-to-School Nights, or any of my tennis matches.

Don’t get me wrong; I had a good childhood. But there are some not-so-good memories of how my parents treated me. They were reserved and gave little affection or affirmation. And I wish I had a closer relationship with them.

“We have two chances at a parent-child relationship.”

Here is my chance as a parent now to relive the parent-child relationship. I am now on the other side, no longer the child, but I can enjoy many of the aspects missing from my relationship with my parents.

It’s no use to remain critical of our parents. We have another chance, so just don’t waste the parent-child relationship we have with our children.

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