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Safe teen driving an oxymoron?

September 24th, 2008 / 8 Comments

Last year at age 19, my son had his first car accident – on the freeway, at night, and with a semi-truck behind him!

I thank God that no one was hurt. But the car was not worth repairing.

This podcast features an interview with Allan Ramsey, CEO and co-founder of His mission is to provide education and information for parents to help them protect and safeguard their children as they begin driving. To put it simply, Allan is here to help parents keep their teens safe and alive.

There are a lot of good resources and information on the Safe Teen Driving Club website. Be sure to sign up for the free newsletter to keep up to date on the latest issues.

Click on the button below to listen to my interview with Allan Ramsey about keeping our teens safe.

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  1. You know this has been an issue as you said for sometime. I am glad you did a post on this, because parents as well as teen drivers need to know and be very aware of what is going on and what the statistics are.
    When we lived in Florida, I was shocked when they came out with a report on how many teenage drivers will leave their home driving a car and will never make it back alive, do to reckless driving. Also how many deaths occur from teenage drivers. One man said it is like handing your teenager a loaded gun and saying go play and have fun.

  2. wblmom: Driving is definitely not a game. Just because they are of age to drive doesn’t mean they should, if they are not mature enough for the responsibility.

  3. So very very true, my mom said the exact same thing to us kids. I thinks parents should be given a course before they let their teens drive. 🙂

    Thanks for your visit and comment, by the way.

  4. I’m dreading the day my girls learn how to drive. I don’t think I’ll get a wink of sleep until I know they’re at home safe and sound.

  5. What a great show this week. Teen driving safety is such an important topic and I am happy to have tuned in. I will be sharing this with my site.

  6. kailani: I keep my cell phone next to my bed. I hope and pray that it doesn’t ring.

    Aurelia: Thanks. You have really great info on your site for parents too.

  7. This reminds me how nervous I am about when my kids start to drive. Thankfully I have awhile before I even have to think about it–my oldest is just eight.

  8. Vicki: time goes by fast…Be ready!


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