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What is a community service LEAGUE?

September 17th, 2008

Are your children involved in some sort of  sports league? Many of my friends have children in soccer leagues and basketball leagues.  Some are in tennis clubs, and swimming competitions.

But how about a community service LEAGUE where schools work on community projects and get recognized and connect with other schools?

Yes, there is such a thing! The LEAGUE is a school- and web-based system that provides the tools and resources to teach students about giving, service and civic engagement. It combines service, learning, and friendly “co-opetition” with live, interactive events. From planting trees to collecting food for the hungry, kids are returning millions of dollars worth of value back to the community.

To kick off this school year’s events they are asking parents to get their child’s school involved with ONE DAY. The LEAGUE’s ONE DAY Event is a “servathon” where students identify, organize and plan a service project that meets a need in their community, and sign up friends and family to sponsor them (if they choose) in advance. Students can create their very own service project such as visiting seniors, tutoring peers, or cleaning up neighborhoods.

I am a firm believer in challenging our kids to go beyond their comfort zone, to give back, and to volunteer.

ONE DAY is a great way to get involved in your child’s school! This event starts today, September 17th and runs through October 8th.

For more information, visit their website THE LEAGUE and get your children’s school involved.

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