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Cheap healthy drinking water

August 10th, 2008

The cheapest bottled drinking water is Kirkland Costco brand for about 20 cents a bottle. You run through 10 bottles of those a day for a family and that’s over $700 a year…just for water!

Every drop of water in that bottle counts, I tell my kids. Don’t spill it, don’t wash your hands with it, don’t lose the bottle!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a water bottle you can refill anywhere with tap water and transform it into good tasting healthy drinking water? Then you wouldn’t have to carry multiple bottles when you are out for a day, not have to buy expensive bottled drinking water, and not have to contribute to plastic bottle waste.

This is exactly what Fit & Fresh has done!

Their filtered water bottle can store up to 20 oz. of tap water. When you tilt the bottle to drink it, it filters it through a filter inside, and the water tastes great!

Larry Wesson of Fit & Fresh says, “Ordinary tap water in the United States is, for the most part, perfectly safe to drink, but consumers often dislike the taste and odor. The elements in tap water vary from area to area across the country, but one of the main elements that greatly affect the taste of tap water is chlorine. LivPUREâ„¢ filtration system reduces over 50% of the chlorine from tap water, literally, giving the water the same taste as bottled water.”

I recently took my LivPURE with me to church. When I finished the bottle, I simply filled it up from the drinking fountain and and got great tasting healthy water. People who were using re-usuable sports bottles can still refilll from the drinking fountain, but the water wouldn’t taste as good.

The slim look of the LivPURE is also nice. Everywhere I go with this LivPuURE, people comment that it’s a nice looking water bottle.

The only thing I don’t like is it comes out slow at the beginning as the water is being filtered. You have to squeeze it a few times. Once it gets going, the water streams out well.

Economical, convenient, healthy, pretty, and green – definitely worth getting a LivPURE filter water bottle.

Note: This is a product review. I am not an affiliate for this product nor get pay for this review.


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