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Classic rocking horses are still best

July 12th, 2008 / 4 Comments

In our modern world of e-everything – electronic checkers, electronic puzzles, electronic Buzz Lightyear! – my kids loved our old-fashion rocking horse.

We didn’t have a fancy rocking horse; it was a hand-me-down from my sister after her kids outgrew it. The paint was wearing off, but my kids loved it.

Old-fashion toys stimulate the imagination. Kids can pretend to be be anyone, anywhere when they’re on that horse. Sometimes my children pretend the horse is a car.

Check out this rocking horse site and get one of these REALLY cute sheep rockers! Your favorite animal can be a rocker! I wish I had one of those.

What other old-fashion toys that makes use of your imagination do you like?

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  1. My kids are older now. I love looking at the products of today and smiling knowing my kids just fine with an old fashined hand me down horse that sat in the backyard half rusted LOL.

  2. Audrey: Isn’t that the truth! We love garage sale toys too!

  3. Cost definitely doesn’t come into play when it comes to what draws my son’s attention. He loves everything from empty paper towel rolls to rocks and sticks he picks up in the yard. Perhaps it is my favorite but we always have fun reading my own children’s books. Maybe because I enjoy it more as well. Glad my mom kept them!

  4. Rick: Reading is the best! Those old books could be worth a lot now!


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