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New Theme!

June 24th, 2008 / 4 Comments

How do you like the new look of this blog?

You might’ve figured that pink is one of my favorite colors.

Thank you David, my designer and good friend, Mike, my better half and tech support, Amy, my daughter for the great logo, and Elliot, my son for believing in me.

I am going to celebrate this new look with my first ever contest!

Be ready for a few nice prizes that will be given out.

I am still new at this, please be patient and I’ll be posting the contest soon.

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  1. Nice look. It’s calming. And I love sites that get away from plain white which is too glarey.

    Good to see you’re tinkering.

  2. Thanks, Pete! I am also tinkering with several podcast ideas too. Stay tune.

  3. Hi, I haven’t looked at your site in a while since I’ve been so busy…I seem to remember the cute little people-or was it a bear? The roof on the graphic with the Asian looking mom & child almost looks like a “coolie” hat when you look too quickly. Maybe you should add walls?

  4. Lorin: the “coolie” hat fits our Asian look I guess! Didn’t think of it that way!


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