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Encouragement to parents

May 9th, 2008 / 3 Comments


Do you know that parents suffer from an occupational hazard?

It’s called low self esteem.

We beat up on ourselves whenever our children do anything wrong. If they go wild in the store, or do poorly in school, or won’t eat their vegetables, we feel that we’ve somehow failed as a parent. There always seems to be something we could have done better.

But let me assure you today, we parents occasionally do a few things right! And I’m not just saying that. I have proof.

For Mother’s Day this week, I asked several young adults to tell us a few things that their moms did right. I hope this encourages you to know that even when our children fight us tooth and nail sometimes, they will grow up appreciating what we’ve done for them. All our efforts are not forgotten!


My mom sent me to violin/saxophone/math/drawing/Chinese caligraphy/chemistry/physics/chinese/english/… lessons. I don’t do 90% of those things anymore, but it sure helped me become who I am today! She rewarded me appropriately without spoiling me. She taught me that money does not grow on trees. She even trusted me in making some of my own decisions. No matter what my accomplishments were, she simply loves me because I am her son.


My mom immigrated to the U.S. so my brother and I could have a better education. She always made me eat breakfast in the morning. She makes efforts to take great care of my grandmother, and my grandpa when he was alive. She’s a wonderful person to work with. She’s worked in the same business with my dad for over 30 years. She even went back to school to learn Spanish and public speaking, setting an example for me to learn.


My mom taught me to clean up after myself, took care of me when I got hurt, taught me not to complain and she fed me. Now I’m grown up, she lets me pave my own way.


My mom taught me how to keep track of what I spend and how to save money. She also taught me how to do household stuff (cooking, cleaning, etc. – good to know before college!). She’s pretty independent and can do things for herself and now I’m kind of like that.

What do you give credit to your mom for?

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  1. My mother went thru a divorce, lost her mother and brother within six months, moved us to a new state, got her masters degree, worked and did a fabulous job raising my brother and me as a single mom. But regardless of all that, she doesn’t think she’s a very strong person. I just have to laugh. She’s the strongest woman I know.

  2. My Mom taught me kindness, generosity and compassion. She also taught me what NOT to do as far as marriage is concerned. Her lessons have been invaluable.

  3. So much of who we are we owe to our moms.


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