Entries from February 2008

The foundation of discipline

February 26th, 2008 / 6 Comments

This is the second article in the series on Discipline. Honestly, no one likes to be disciplined, isn’t that right? Whether you are an adult being disciplined by the law or by your boss, or you are a child disciplined by a teacher or by a parent, it’s definitely no fun.

Setting an example of being a positive influence

February 26th, 2008 / 3 Comments

Do we want to teach our children to make the world a better place? We can’t all be a Mother Teresa. But we can all make the world around us a better place with just a few simple acts that takes hardly any extra effort from us. When our children see our example, they will […]

An Homage to Parents

February 25th, 2008 / No Comments

This thoughtful piece is written by my friend who chooses to remain anonymous. I want to let you know I did not in any way prompt him to write this! I admire this 28-year-old young man for appreciating what many take for granted. Thank you, my friend, for this homage to all parents who indeed […]

To DVD or not to DVD

February 23rd, 2008 / No Comments

My friend just got a new Honda Odyssey minivan – fully loaded. It includes what they call the “DVD Rear Entertainment System” – a 9″ display and a 115-volt outlet in the third row that lets you plug in your video-game console, laptop or other electronics. “I won’t have to hear anymore fighting in the […]

It’s not always about discipline

February 21st, 2008 / 8 Comments

This is the first article in a series on Discipline Dr. Laura was asked a question by a mother about the proper method of disciplining her son to behave well when they go to the market. Her response I thought was right on. Dr. Laura said, “It’s not always about discipline.” Children do not behave […]

Give yourself a birthday present, free!

February 20th, 2008 / 2 Comments

As a parent, we give more than we get. But FreeBirthdayTreats.com offers something special for your birthday. Check it out! There are FREE birthday presents for us! There is no catch. Photo by desi.italy

Teaching our children the proper use of the computer

February 19th, 2008 / 1 Comment

We parents recognize that the computer is a great tool and we want our children to use the computer. But at the same time we are fearful for our children when they do use the computer! My son is one of those that would have taken apart the radio and rebuilt a better one if […]

Social networking – a teens point of view

February 14th, 2008 / 4 Comments

I am very proud to have Vanessa Van Petten author today’s post. Vanessa is an incredibly mature young lady, the the teen author of the parenting book “You’re Grounded!” She writes a parenting blog from a teen’s perspective to help parents understand what is actually going on in the mind of kid’s today. Vanessa and […]

Have you hugged your kids today?

February 12th, 2008 / 4 Comments

A big bear hug… doesn’t it feel good to give and receive one? A baby is often held and hugged, but we forget that people of any age, especially our teenagers, and including ourselves, can use a big bear hug at just about anytime.

Learning the value of work

February 9th, 2008 / No Comments

“Hey mom, I cut myself an apple and ate the whole thing.” My son has never been known to eat more than a slice, a thin slice, of an apple when he was at home. Now that he is living on his own at college, he is cooking for himself, and cutting up apples for […]