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Have you hugged your kids today?

February 12th, 2008 / 4 Comments

A big bear hug… doesn’t it feel good to give and receive one?big hug

A baby is often held and hugged, but we forget that people of any age, especially our teenagers, and including ourselves, can use a big bear hug at just about anytime.

A hug solves many-a-problem in family relationships:

  • When your child comes home with a bad grade, don’t lecture or chastise. Give a big bear hug.
  • When your teen won’t get off the computer, don’t scream at him for the hundredth time. Give him a big bear hug.
  • When you’re tired of cleaning up yet another vomit on the bed, don’t growl at the baby. Give him a big bear hug.
  • When your teen comes home from school, don’t ask about how her day was. Give her a big bear hug.
  • When your child starts whining for an expensive toy, don’t put earplugs in your ears. Give him a big bear hug.
  • When your teen comes home late at night and you’ve been worried, don’t start yelling at him. Give him a big bear hug.
  • When you are dead tired at the end of the day, don’t flop onto the bed. Give each of your children and your husband a big bear hug first.

You’ll be surprised at what a big bear hug can do:

  • It opens up the doors of communication.
  • It affirms love and acceptance.
  • It builds self-esteem.
  • It bridges generation gaps.
  • It heads off potential conflicts.
  • It makes people less defensive.
  • It shows kindness and compassion.
  • It demonstrates respect and value.
  • It sets an example of patience and tolerance.
  • It rejuvenates your day.
  • It makes being a parent all

Can you believe that a big bear hug can do all that? Try it and find out for yourself. I’ve experienced all that and more…all without a word!

Photo by Barefoot in Florida 

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  4. I just love this; so simple, but… Perfect. We only have so much time together with our kids. How better to spend our limited time than hugging. ((hugs))


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