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Gift ideas

December 4th, 2007 / 3 Comments

Would you agree it is hard to buy presents for kids nowadays?

Would they actually appreciate the present or would it end up in their garage sale next month?

I personally refuse to purchase the overpriced toys that advertisers try to entice you to buy. I know every kid has on their wish list an electronic game. But they are too expensive for my budget.

I like to stay with educational toys, and the old classic toys that have stood the test of time. I also like toys that I find entertaining as well. Kids love to have their parents play with them. So if it doesn’t bore me to death, it’s a good thing.

I realize that my suggestions below are all rather low-tech. Children give that look on their faces when they see a board game, much like the look of a home-knitted sweater. But if the parents play the games with them, they will actually enjoy playing together.

Here are just a few of my favorites base on what my children liked. Please add to this list and let us know what you have found to be good gifts for Christmas.

0-2 years old

A soft book such as this is a great tool for parents to introduce their babies to the love of reading. My children have some of these books and still love to feel the texture and look at the cute pictures.

3-4 years old

Toys that are sturdy, large enough to be safe, small enough for little hands to manipulate will keep little ones occupied. Duplos will encourage imagination. The best part is, we as adults can play along by building bridges, hotels, whatever!

5-6 years old

This is a good age to start teaching the children how to play board games. It prepares them to interact with others as they will be doing in school.

This must be the first board game in the history of mankind, and it still exists. And I still like it!

Yes, it’s the old Twister, still a popular game for groups. Get on the floor along with your kids and exercise those old bones!

7-8 years old

I remember playing this when I was a kid and it’s still a challenge to me! The best thing is, I don’t always win when I play with my kids.

When I play this with my kids, I usually give them a break or else I will win too often. It’s easy to play but not easy to win. Your children will get better with practice, which is the point of these games.

9-12 years old

You are never too old for Monopoly. But around 9-12 years old is when they can learn to strategize.

This is another classic. Decide whether you want to go to college or be a rock star.

Nobody gets hurt with these nerf guns. It’s fun trying to shoot the target.

13-15 years old

For this age, find out the music artist they like, or some classic dvd movies make good gifts.

Any other ideas?

16-18 years old

If they are driving, some car accessories are fun to give.

My husband liked this more than my son.

My kids really liked this, both male and female.

This one is easier to carry around. Those scissors get a lot of use. Just don’t bring it to the airport.

19 – 21 years old
Something for college or living away from home is good for this age.
My daughter liked this for her dorm:

How about something for personal care?
This is a little expensive, but very useful.

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  1. I think the Connect Four is one of the best games for quick fun and it covers a wide age range. Its still fun for me to play with the kids.

  2. Another one I like is Chinese checkers. I can’t consistently win against my kids.

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