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Dads and their daughters

October 22nd, 2007

I have read that the most important relationship for a girl is her relationship with her dad.

The father exemplifies to her what a man should be. He shows her how a man should treat a lady. The way he relates to her even has the power to determine her view of what God her heavenly father is like.

How a girl views herself is also greatly determined by her father. If her dad loves her, cherishes her, and shows her his acceptance, she will feel valued. She will not be desperate for a man to show her a bit of attention. Her confidence in herself will result in a better choice of who to date and who to marry. She is less likely to choose a “loser” because she knows she deserves better. Her father has taught her that.

If you were to ask adult women if they wish their dads had spent more time with them, I think they would say yes. I would.

I wish my dad talked to me more without lecturing me. He didn’t talk much about his childhood or what it was like for him during WWII. I would have liked him to take me out to have fun and laughed with me more. I wished he came to my school’s Open House nights.

So I encourage you dads out there to pay special attention to your girls.

Taking your daughter out on a “date” is appropriate at any age. Actually the earlier they “date” their own dad the better. Their feeling of being special would be fulfilled by the most important man in her life so that she is not looking for another “man” to give her attention when she is not ready to date boys her own age.

When you dads take your daughter out to dinner or to the movies, how should you behave? You should treat your daughter exactly as you would want a boy to treat her if she was on a date. You want to model for her what a gentleman is, so she will set a high standard of who she will want to date. You know what to do, right, dads?

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