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Studying for a test

October 17th, 2007

My daughter came home excitedly today.

“I think I did well on my Social Studies test! Several of the questions were exactly what we studied together. I think you really helped me.”

I felt like I scored an “A” as a parent! Those are the kinds of things we parents live to hear.

Last night, my daughter made up a game for us to play that would help her study for the chapter test. I was to ask her questions from her book. If she got it right, she earns a chance to shoot a beach ball into the laundry basket. If she got it wrong, I got a chance at the ball. The tricky part and the fun part was, we had to shoot the beach ball into the laundry basket with our feet! Whoever has the most points at the end of the studying time received a …. actually, there was no prize. We just did it for the fun of it.

That’s how we kept our interest on Social Studies, and that’s how she felt confident about her test.

What ideas do you have to make studying fun?

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