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Money matters

Teaching your children to use their money wisely is one of the most important subject that we can teach them. They are not going to learn it at school. To learn them in making wise decisions about spending, here are 3 questions that you can teach them to ask before making a purchase: “How often [...]

Mini goal setting

It’s summer! Free to do whatever we want – go to the beach, sleep in late, hang out with friends. But inevitably at the end of summer, we look back over the last months and say, “Oh, I wanted to __________(fill in the blank) but I didn’t have enough time!” Not enough time?? You’ve had [...]

Cooking together

Want to do a fun and meaningful activity with your children? Cooking or baking together is a lot of fun. Plus you get to eat your creations afterwards! You can start cooking with your child when he/she is as young as 3 years old. And working in the kitchen is not for girls only! Boys [...]

Be a cheerleader

“You always see what I do wrong and get mad at me. But you never see what I do right!” My son said that to me when he was in 6th grade. And he was right. I was very wrong. Here I was, picking on him about cleaning his room, picking up his clothes, putting [...]


“Get off the computer!” “Don’t watch so much TV! ” “Stop playing video games!” Then what are they suppose to do? You want the children off those electronic devices in order to do what? We would like our family to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company instead of each member doing their own [...]