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Stainless steel instead of harmful plastic for your family

October 13th, 2009

If you’re cheap environmentally conscious like me, you reuse plastic water bottles to refill with filtered water at home.  Although it seems like a good idea, now they tell us we need to be concern about the Bisphenol A (BPA) and DEHP, these harmful chemicals that can leach through into the water we drink.

And those “disposal” food containers – I just can’t throw them away after one use. Yet, those are also not good for you to be reused for food. (I now wash them and reuse them as storage container for stickers, beads, hair ties, etc.)NewWaveProducts

I found a good green, family friendly and safe alternative to plastic – stainless steel water bottles and lunch containers by New Wave Enviro Products.  We all use stainless steel cookware and flatware, so why not stainless water bottles and food containers?

I reviewed the products of New Wave Enviro Products and found them to be of excellent quality. The interior of the stainless steel bottles ARE NOT coated with epoxy resin or any other coating. Stainless steel does not need to be coated with any protective material as stainless steel is inert.  The outside enamel is tested to be lead-free. The cap is a good tight fit. It did not leak when it tipped over in my bag.

What I liked better is the 12 ounce stainless steel water bottle with sippy cap for children. It’s a good size, easy to handle, and looks nice too. No spills at home or in the car.

New Wave Enviro Products makes a stainless steel lunch box container that is perfect for my daughter to take to school. I usually put her sandwich in a plastic container (plastic baggies are not green, and the sandwich is flattened by lunch time.) The stainless steel container is stylist and different, which my daughter likes. Unlike the plastic containers that tend to absorb smells, the stainless steel container doesn’t have any smells.

I also tried out the lunch bag made out of 100% bamboo. I used it to carry my lunch when I substituted at a school last week. The material is super soft with plenty of room to carry my sandwich, fruit, snack (to eat at recess of course) and even my stainless steel water bottle.  The bag is a little too big for just food if you didn’t need to put your water bottle in there.  I was thinking that rather than using a vinyl or cloth bag for toiletries,  this lunch bag can also be used to put your small items for an overnighter.  It fits my large hair brush. Bamboo is a great sustainable resource. I have socks made out of bamboo.

New Wave Enviro Products have been in business over 15 years, manufacturing and distributing Water Products to the Health and Nutrition Industry.

(I was not paid to write this review. The products for review were sent to me by New Wave Enviro Products.)

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