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Readers’ ideas for fun and exercise for the family

April 23rd, 2009

Are you surviving TV Turn-Off Week so far?

Whether or not you are committing to having no TV this week, having plenty of family time is what I would like to encourage. Fun family time is one of the primary ways to convey your values to your children, affirm your love for each other, and supply the glue that holds families together.

I asked readers for ideas for fun and exercise last week. There were some great suggestions. I’ve listed them here. Pick a few and do them with your family during this TV Turn-Off Week.

“Hiking for family fun & fitness” – Sheri says. Young and old can do this one. It can be a nature hike or an urban hike.

“Bike riding at the BEACH and for evening walks in the neighborhood…especially FUN when there is a BEAUTIFUL Sunset!!!” – Robin. As summer approaches and the days are longer, this is a perfect way to de-stress after a long day.

“Thomas is only 9 months old so family activities are going out for long walks in the stroller with pups Gabor and Ava OR me running after him as he crawls into trouble. Ha.”Divinia. Or leave the pups at home for the low impact version!

“We enjoy walking as a family down a long dirt road from our home, and we take our two dogs with us to keep them active, also! We also enjoy campfires in our back yard for fun as a family.” – Kim. Did you say s’mores??

“Our family loves to go to the park and play tennis, fly kites, ride bikes, and go down the slides!” – Rhonda. I love going to the park too. I figured my tax dollars paid for it, I might as well use it.

“Last spring we took a walk along the creek collecting tadpoles. I hope we can do it again this year.” – Dina. The tadpoles will grow into frogs, we found that out.

“On nice spring days I used to make a “picnic” lunch for myself and daughter and we’d lie on a blanket on the grass in the yard and look up in the sky at the clouds to see what animals and things we could “see.” She’s 16 now and fondly remembers those moments. For those of you who want a more active event we also liked going to the Santa Ana Zoo. It’s small and we’d look at the animals and pack a picnic lunch.” – Lorin. We always say, “It looks like spilt milk. Remember that book?

“Our family enjoys going to “Adventure City” which is a reasonably priced kiddie amusement park. We pack a picnic and eat outside before going in. My preschooler and 1st grader loves that place and there is really no waiting in lines. It’s actually a relaxing place to be and the churros are tasty too!” – LW. It’s also nice to go with a friend with kids about the same age so you have some adult conversation.

“We love love Disneyland b/c our kids are all preschool age/younger! For a more affordable and closer option, we head to the park or the library!!” – SMS. Unfortunately Disneyland prices now are out of reach for families to go more than maybe once in a lifetime!

More readers’ ideas will be featured in another post.

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  1. I didn’t know it was tv off week. My grandkids came over and didn’t turn on the tv. I thought something was wrong with the set.

    I was able to enjoy playing cards with them. ( In fact one of them rather play cards then watch tv.)

  2. That’s perfect! You are right, Chick J, kids don’t really want to watch TV.
    A 3rd grader at church said to me yesterday, “I can watch TV for hours and still be bored.”
    Don’t watch then, I told him.


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