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Swaddling your baby

January 10th, 2009

Swaddled BabyIt is true that swaddling your baby helps them sleep better.

When I had my babies, the hospital nurse taught me to wrap my babies tightly in a receiving blanket. (I kept one of those hospital blankets for memories!) When the baby is nice and snug, he feels secure and warm, just like in your womb or in your arms.  (Swaddle tips here.)

I just wished I had a nicer blanket in swaddle my babies in. The ones from the hospital and the ones I bought were barely the right size such that I had to fold it just right to fit.

Swaddle DesignsNow thanks to SwaddleDesigns, receiving blankets are soft, beautiful, and just the right size.

Founded in 2002 by a mother of two and a registered nurse, Lynette Damir, SwaddleDesigns® is the ultimate destination for stylish baby blankets and fashionable layette essentials.  From the award winning and signature product, the Ultimate Receiving Blanket® and Baby Lovieâ„¢SwaddleDesigns line has become an essential part of a newborn’s layette.

For new mothers out there, I highly recommend SwaddleDesign swaddling blankets. They are oversized 42″x42″, super soft preshrunk cotton flannel, not too hot for summers, and the fabric designs are million times better than the hospital blankets! 🙂

(This is a product review, not paid advertising.)


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  1. Hi there,

    Baby loves to sleep in swaddles for having peaceful sleep… its true



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