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Favorite things

Favorite things

People often begin the new year with a recollection of the past year.

I honestly can’t remember all that went on in 2010…I am not good with taking pictures, and I’m not good with scrapbooking where I can flip through the pages of memories.

So rather than thinking back, I am going to start the new year with positive thoughts of listing my favorite things, reminiscent of “raindrops of roses and whiskers on kittens”, without the rhyme.

  • strong green tea, it’s good for you.
  • the scent of my sugar cookie candle.
  • braiding my daughter’s soft clean hair.
  • hot won ton soup on a cold day.
  • control Z, undo a blogging mistake.
  • library books, free.
  • my friend’s green thumb, she shares her home grown veggies with me.
  • hotel rooms, someone else to make the bed and clean the bathroom.
  • the ocean breeze and the sound of waves.
  • being indoors when it’s raining outside.
  • tears from laughing hard.
  • camping out in the living room with the kids.

Happy New Year!

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