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Why do we have Easter?

March 29th, 2010

Dennis Rainey of Family Life tells this cute story:

As Grandpa Bob drove into the driveway he could see his 4-year-old granddaughter, Julie, and a couple of her friends playing in the backyard. It was almost Easter and he wanted to know how much these children knew about the Easter story.

Approaching the three little girls he asked, “Who knows why we celebrate Easter every year?”

One friend chirped up first: “Oh, that’s when you go sit on the big bunny rabbit’s lap and tell him what you want in your Easter basket.”

Her second pal’s answer was no better: “No, no, no! It’s when you get a tree and hang eggs on it—and you wake up on Sunday and there’s presents under it and …”

At this point Grandpa interrupted and gently said, “Those are good guesses. Julie, do you know why we celebrate Easter?”

Julie nodded her head. “It’s when Jesus was crucified. He died, and His disciples put His body in the grave. Then, on the third day, the stone rolled away …”

Grandpa was really encouraged that Julie knew so many details.

“… And then the entire town would come out by the grave,” Julie continued. “And if Jesus came out and saw his shadow, they knew there would be six more weeks of winter!”

What would your children say if you asked them why we celebrate Easter?

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  1. I thougt it was going to be about Easter not Grandpa Bob!?


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