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Ladies First

November 6th, 2007 / 5 Comments

Yesterday at church while I was teaching the children’s class, one of the boys was assigned to pass out the snacks. He proceeded to serve the boys who were clamoring for the food.

“Ladies first,” I said.

“Awww!” the boys groaned. “Why should the girls get it first?”

In this day and age of women’s rights and equality of the sexes, boys have not been taught chivalry and women have been cheated out of being treated like a lady.

While I am not the type to wish back the good ol’ days, there is still smomething about being a gentleman that should be preserved and taught to our boys.

When we go out, I say to my son, “Be the gentleman and open the door for us.”

When we go out to eat, I remind my husband to serve me and the girls first.

Good manners probably do not come naturally. Our tendency is to think of ourselves first. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be taught.

Here is a partial list of what to teach our boys to do for girls of any age. Please add on to this list.

1. Open the door and let others go first, even to strangers.

2. Serve food to girls first.

3. Offer to hold heavy items for girls (i.e. carry her books).

4. Offer his hand to shake when meeting someone and address them by name.

5. Don’t talk crudely – such as cussing, bathroom humor, and sex, especially in front of women.

6. Don’t treat a girl like one of the boys, even if she is just a friend.

7. Do not ask a girl out on a date at the last minute.

When the boys at church asked why the girls should be served first, I replied, “When you treat girls nicely, it makes you a gentleman.”

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  1. There’s a Facebook group all about this. It has a pretty extensive list, too.

  2. Thanks, Elliot. I’ll look for it.

  3. Don’t forget the car doors. My son always opens the car door for everyone, girls or guys when we’re getting into or out of the car. Helps carry groceries or shopping bags.
    Offers a hand when grandma needs to get into or out of the car.

  4. Thanks for that reminder, Margaret. Not too many people open doors anymore. But I definitely like it. Nice son you have!

  5. […] good manners is akin to having good people skills. You need them in any profession and in any […]


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